Note #5: A story of three mothers


By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Motherhood is a special, unrivaled experience. In fact, scripture frequently compares God’s love for us to a mother’s love for her children. This type of love is a gift that God gives to moms – a precious gift that many women reject during a time of crisis, instead making a devastating decision that cannot be undone.

Today, I share the story of two mothers (three actually if you count the counselor) as they navigate a seemingly hopeless situation.

At Christmas, we reflect on a story of another young mother. Their stories are so similar! Both teenagers were pregnant, unwed, even journeying to foreign lands where they eventually gave birth to beautiful sons. 

But today, my thoughts turn to Anita, and to Mary’s mother. I imagine their fear, their inability to help their daughters, their desperation to find a way – any way – out of their daughter’s problem of an unplanned, scary, life-altering pregnancy.  

In our three offices, we often see mothers and daughters in desperate situations. Just as Mary’s cousin Elizabeth stepped up to care for young Mary during her pregnancy, the women we serve need someone to step forward and speak words of hope and life.

When you partner with Wellspring Life Ministry, you become that person.

Your partnership with Wellspring Life Ministry empowers women to accept that gift of selfless love that God created for mothers, and embrace the tiny life within them. When this happens, women become mothers – and grandmothers – and find that they are able to accomplish what seemed impossible, and love more than they ever imagined.

Your partnership – literally! – grows love. 

Partner with us today in this incredible mission: serving women, saving babies, and sharing Jesus.

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