Educate Yourself

Abortion Amendment

Take Action! Check out these resources about the upcoming Abortion Amendment. Your help is needed in this battle for life!

Health Not Harm MD is a coalition of Maryland parents, experts, nonprofits, and faith leaders specific only to the abortion amendment referendum. Become more informed about what’s at stake if it passes and why your involvement is crucial now.

The recently-established Maryland Family Institute has a simple goal: “protect life, promote marriage, preserve religious liberty, and protect parental rights.” Visit their website for legislation summaries and action steps.

Maryland Right to Life works in the legislative arena to promote and protect all innocent human life from birth to natural death. Visit their website for robust summaries and action items for all upcoming legislation happening NOW that session has begun.

Resources Selected for You

Whether you are giving a talk or writing a paper…or just want to be a more informed individual, the links below provide a variety of stimulating resources and information.  Be aware that some of these links may contain other information or links not endorsed by Wellspring Life Ministry. 

These links are ideal for students, parents, pastors, youth leaders, and general advocates for life in our community. Notice something wrong with one of the links?  Let us Know.

For even deeper information, consider taking our Volunteer Training Course. Even if you aren’t planning to volunteer with Wellspring Life Ministry, this course offers great information that is directly applicable to life, family, advocacy, and more.