Another Life Saved

Praise for Elice! We are praising God today for bringing “Elice” to our clinic recently. When she first came to us, she was adamant about wanting an abortion, fearing that she would be all alone in raising a child and would receive no help from family or the baby’s father. After speaking with one of our volunteer counselors, Elice said she was still planning to abort but would come back for an ultrasound.

When she returned for her sono this week, Elice shared that she had been thinking about her discussion with the counselor and wasn’t so sure about an abortion. After her ultrasound, her mind and heart were completely changed! Praise God that she has chosen life for her baby, and is surrounded by supportive family and friends.

Please continue to pray for Elice. Pray for her…

  • to have a safe pregnancy
  • to find support in the people around her
  • that God will use this pregnancy to draw her into closer relationship with Him