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Volunteer Spotlight: Anna-Marie

Anna-Marie – pictured above, with fellow counselor, Pearl – had first learned about the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry from a friend at church, Riverdale Baptist. As a newborn hearing screener, she was very familiar with babies and the priceless gift of life. She’d always had it at the back of her mind to get involved, but

Pregnancy Clinic CEO Named Frederick Douglass Leadership Award Recipient

Pregnancy Clinic CEO Pamela Palumbo recently was named as a recipient of the Frederick Douglass Leadership Award, created by the Douglass Leadership Institute to honor leaders who they believe best exemplify Mr. Douglass’ character and legacy of statesmanship. In the official award letter, DLI Chairman Dean Nelson said, “We believe your work in the area of

A Baby Is Born!!

Today we are praising God for our client “Liz”, who came to us last year seeking an abortion. Liz met with a volunteer counselor and opened up about her fears and concerns about single parenting. The caring, compassionate responses from her counselor helped Liz find the strength she needed to change her mind from abortion

Two Smiles and a Prayer

“I’m too old for another baby.” Vanessa visited the clinic with her boyfriend, James. Vanessa is older and already has grown children. She shared that she considers herself done with parenting and is strongly considering abortion. Her boyfriend, however, wants to parent the child.  Please pray for Vanessa and James: that James will feel empowered to

Increase in Abortion Pill Reversal Calls

Increase in Abortion Pill Reversal Calls Please join us in praying for the three women who have contacted us for our Abortion Pill Reversal services in the last few weeks. Only one of the three came in to the Pregnancy Clinic to start the reversal process, but unfortunately we have learned that she has lost

“If the test is positive, we have to get an abortion.”

“If the test is positive, we have to get an abortion.” “Tara” and “Drew” walked in to our clinic with wide eyes and nervous smiles. They were looking for a pregnancy test appointment, terrified to find out the results which could drastically change their lives forever. Both of them were feeling uneasy about getting an

Prayers Answered!

UPDATE: “Tamisha’s” little one has arrived safely On 10/14, we asked for prayers for “Tamisha”. Click here to read that prayer request, and then we shared an update on 11/15 on Facebook and in our 11/25 newsletter.  We wanted to update you that Tamisha’s beautiful baby girl has arrived safe and sound, and the father,

Our prayers were answered…with an adoption plan!

“I feel so much better…” You may remember we asked for prayers for “Victoria” who was in her 2nd trimester and walked into our Annapolis office looking for an abortion.  Praise God with us, we have learned that she plans to choose life for her precious child and to move forward with an adoption plan! The