Note #7: Bound for Death


By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Earlier this year, we waited and prayed for the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobb’s case, which would impact Roe v Wade. When they voted to overturn the decades-old decision, we rejoiced.

As we celebrate in the saving of lives from this decision, here in Maryland the battle for life rages on.  Maryland, which allows abortions with no limitations, has become an “abortion tourism” destination for women from other states. This has paved the way for new abortion offices to open throughout our state, and we expect to see an increase in abortions here.

This is truly a battle of good vs evil, of life or death, with the very lives of innocent preborn babies on the line.

Straight from the frontlines comes this story of little Eli, who was one who was bound for death by medication abortion.

For an 18 year old girl to move forward with her pregnancy in he face of that kind of opposition takes incredible courage. 

In today’s pro-abortion culture, women are desperate for words of hope, encouragement, and life. As one counselor recently shared, for many women, they are looking for a reason – any reason – not to have an abortion.

At Wellspring Life Ministry, we help each woman find that reason. We support her and encourage her, every step of the way. But most importantly, we share the life-changing gospel message in both words and actions.

Sara needed to know someone cared about her in those darkest hours, and we were able to point her to her Heavenly Father, who loves her unconditionally and has a beautiful, perfect plan for her life. Sara found the strength and courage to press on, to bravely tune out the words of those who would discourage her, and give her child a voice.

We too must press on, and continue to reach women like Sara.

When you partner with the work God is doing through this ministry, you take your place on the frontlines in the battle for life in our community.

You ensure that truth is spoken with love, that women see the truth of life growing inside them, and that they know of the help and support available for them.

You come alongside women like Sara in their darkest moments, and offer the hope of life.

Your partnership saves lives. Please consider making a year-end gift, and join the work God is doing at the Wellspring Life Ministry. 

Together, we will Press On, continuing the work that God has set before us, for precious, irreplaceable babies like Eli.

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