By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Dear friend,

As we stand at the threshold of another year’s end, we are deeply grateful for the unwavering partnership that has fueled our mission to protect the most vulnerable among us – innocent lives yet to be born. Throughout this year, your prayers, commitment, and generosity have been instrumental as together we stand as a shield of faith and face the most important challenge of our time – protecting the Sanctity of Life.

We know that the battle for the lives of the preborn is far from over. We will face formidable challenges in 2024, including the attempt to codify abortion into our state constitution, which will be on the ballot next November. But together, we will “armor up” and fight for the right to life, and for the women who so desperately need the hope and help that we offer.

Let me tell you about one of these women: Corrine*, whom we met just about a year ago.

Corrine* had always felt like she had her life under control. A single mom of two teenagers, she had a great career and a “casual” relationship with a nice guy who lived out of state. Life was good and everything was going her way – until a very unexpected pregnancy turned her world upside down.

Corrine’s first thought was an abortion. She had read that the abortion pill was “easy.” Searching for information online, she found the Women’s Clinic and texted right away for an appointment.

“I needed to know how far along I was so I could get the abortion pill. My plan was to go to [the Women’s Clinics], get that free sono, and then get the abortion pill from Planned Parenthood. Simple and quick. And nobody would know anything.”

While driving to her appointment at the Women’s Clinic, Corrine said her mind was reeling with the reality of what she planned to do. She had always considered herself “pro-choice,” but now, thinking about her two children and the preborn baby she was carrying, her resolve began to weaken.

At her meeting with the volunteer counselor at the Women’s Clinic, she found a compassionate, listening ear. But after discussing her options, including the abortion pill, Corrine faced another reality check. She couldn’t help but ask herself: Would she be able to abort this baby and look into the faces of her teens – and not wonder what this baby could have been?

Corrine knew when she walked into the sono room that this was it – the moment that could change everything. She was right! The instant she saw the image of her preborn baby, with little hands and tiny fingers, her mind was made up.

“Oh that was it! I knew that I could never abort that baby – what I was looking at was MY baby no matter what. My kid’s brother or sister. A real person.”

This Christmas will be a very special one for Corrine, her two teens, and their very lively 6-month-old baby brother. Corrine is amazed everyday at how her little family would not be the same without him.

At Wellspring Life Ministry abortion vulnerable women like Corrine come into our Clinics every day, weary from Satan’s arrows of fear, anxiety, and isolation. Without a shield, they are vulnerable to attacks from the enemy in this life or death battle.

In this season of hope and gratitude, we invite you to join us in this battle to protect women against the current culture of darkness, offering them a safe place of rest, practical help, and the hope of the Gospel.

Your generous gifts can provide that life-saving shield that defends and protects preborn children and their mothers, and affirms the value of every life, created in the image of God.

Together, let us protect and care for vulnerable women and preborn children who are targeted by the “flaming arrows of the evil one”, ensuring they are given the chance at life on earth and life eternal in knowing Jesus Christ.

Will you prayerfully consider making a life-saving year end gift?

Together, we will boldly take up our shields, continuing the work that God has set before us, serving women, saving lives, and sharing Jesus.

To Life!

Pamela Palumbo, CEO

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