By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Dear friend,

“Children are a gift from the Lord – a reward from Him.” (Psalm 127:3)

In our prolife work with this Ministry, we say these things often and know them to be true: “each baby is a gift” – “preborn life is priceless” – “we are perfectly knit in our mother’s womb” – “every life matters.” We know in our hearts that these are profoundly true.

But here’s a harder truth: for many of the women we serve – women who are fearful, pressured or anxious – babies are not seen as gifts. Often the women view their pregnancies as an inconvenience, a threat to their current lifestyle, or even punishment for poor life choices. Satan, with his quiver of deception and lies, targets these women and exploits and magnifies these fears, often driving them to make devastating, irreversible choices.

Here is the story of how God used a friend to remind Crystal that her baby, though unexpected to her, was a perfect, planned gift from Him.

Crystal was in her mid-30s, enjoying her social life and casually dating – then found out she was pregnant. Crystal wasn’t sure who the father was; there were two possibilities and she didn’t want to tell either one or ask for support or advice. She’d had an abortion a few years earlier and was thinking that she’d have to do it again.

She felt completely alone.

Panicking, Crystal searched online and made an appointment at one of our Women’s Clinics to get the information she needed before scheduling an abortion at Planned Parenthood. During her visit with us, she was grateful to share her concerns with the compassionate volunteer counselor. But when she saw the sonogram, Crystal started to cry.

That morning, Crystal had asked a friend of hers to drive her to the Women’s Clinic. During the ride, she had told him that she might be pregnant.

Her friend had immediately responded, “Since you stepped in this car, God has been urging me to tell you that He has a gift for you.”

Now, as Crystal lay on the table looking at her baby on the sonogram, she knew what that gift was. She had come in considering abortion – and left feeling that this pregnancy was a gift from God!

“God has a gift for you.”

Friend, as Crystal learned, God’s gifts to us are perfect – although they might be unexpected!

You and I have the opportunity to share our shields of faith and hope with women around us who think that abortion is their only option. Together, we can help them see that this baby, though unexpected and inconvenient, is the perfect gift from a God who sees them and loves them deeply.

Friend, tomorrow we will celebrate God’s ultimate gift to our world, a perfect life born to us in the form of a baby. As you complete your Christmas preparations, please consider partnering with us in this incredible mission: serving women, saving babies, and sharing Jesus.

To Life!

Pamela Palumbo, CEO

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