Emily and Tyler


By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Dear friend,

With the new year quickly approaching, my heart and prayers are filled with gratitude for another year of seeing God at work in this ministry.

We see lives saved and transformed every day in our three offices when women are offered help, hope, and the life changing power of the Gospel. Our clients, volunteers, and staff have been covered by your prayers, strengthened by our faithful volunteers, and sustained by your generous, faithful partnership.

We have so much to be thankful for as this year ends, and encouraged as the new year begins.

Each life saved and changed through the work of this ministry – each tiny babe rescued from death – is just the beginning. Those little ones that you have prayed for are cherished and irreplaceable, loved by moms and dads, siblings, and grandparents, and someday will have families of their own. Entire generations are impacted with each courageous choice of LIFE.

Let me share the story of “Emily” and “Tyler,” a sweet young couple who made such a choice…

Emily and Tyler had been dating for several months when she discovered that she was pregnant. Emily was immediately afraid of what her parents would think and do. She was young – just out of college – and knew her parents would be disappointed.

Unbeknownst to her parents, Emily had been pregnant before and had tragically chosen an abortion. She would never want to do that again, but still she was filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Her mind reeling, she searched online for “what to do if I’m pregnant” and found the Women’s Clinic and quickly called for an appointment.

Wanting to be supportive, Tyler accompanied Emily to the appointment at the Bowie Crofton Women’s Clinic. While Emily spoke with a caring counselor, Tyler had the opportunity to speak with one of our volunteer MVPs (male volunteer presence) about his concerns. He shared that he wanted to do the right thing for Emily and for their baby, and they were even talking about marriage.

In the quiet space of the counseling room, Emily shared her heart with her counselor. She talked about her past abortion, her belief in God, and how she felt that He had forgiven her. She knew in her heart that she wanted to do the right thing – which meant saying “Yes” to this pregnancy,  getting married, and having her baby with Tyler.

The young couple left the Women’s Clinic hand in hand, hopeful despite future uncertainties, their hearts united with a solid plan.

A few months later, Tyler and Emily were married and were soon blessed with a sweet baby boy. The little family couldn’t be happier.

Emily shared the news with her counselor and said, “Thank you! Thank you for the support. And thank you for your prayers!”

What a lovely story of redemption and hope! 

Friend, this is why you, I, and the rest of the Wellspring Life family continue to raise our shields against the onslaught of the enemy, to protect the lives of preborn babies and their mothers, and to reach the lost with the hope of the Gospel…

…For the moment of courage when a woman opens her heart to the life inside her.

…For the decision that changes a man’s life when he embraces fatherhood.

…For the celebration when a man, woman, and baby become a family.

Together with an army of volunteers, partners, and staff, we stand ready and equipped to continue caring for women and families in our community in 2024 and beyond.

Will you prayerfully consider making a life-saving year end gift?

Together, we will boldly take up our shields and stand for LIFE, continuing the work that God has set before us, serving women, saving lives, and sharing Jesus.

To Life!

Pamela Palumbo, CEO


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