From the CEO


By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

As we close out another year, my thoughts go to the many women who have come through the doors of this Ministry and the unique challenges that each has faced.

One client who really touched my heart is “Diane.”

Diane is a single mom with two young boys, balancing the typical challenges of parenthood, a stressful career, and financial concerns. But she has a loving extended family who is able to help when life gets hectic, and she and the boys are active in their local church.

After a few tough years, Diane’s life was finally settling into a good routine, and she was feeling comfortable in her family’s future. When we met her, Diane was looking forward to advancing in her career, and she was even planning to save money for her sons’ educations.

An unexpected pregnancy changed everything.

“I couldn’t believe I had let this happen,” Diane remarked. “One weak moment, one wrong decision. I think I was in denial when I saw the positive pregnancy test.”

Diane was filled with shame and feelings of helplessness, not knowing where to turn or whom she could talk to about the pregnancy. She was afraid to ask her church for help, thinking that the people in her congregation would judge her. Diane’s heart was heavy with thoughts of her sons. How could she possibly provide for a third child?

The baby’s father, a man she had been casually dating, was ambivalent and seemed to want to distance himself from any decision. Diane said she felt very alone and despite her Christian faith, she began to search online for abortion information.

But she found us, too – and came to the Bowie Pregnancy Clinic that same evening.

Diane met with a counselor who listened to her concerns and talked about her options. Diane said she felt surrounded by encouragement, and then during her ultrasound, she felt a rush of love and gratitude just seeing the tiny image on the screen.

There is something supernatural that happens when the image of the baby appears on the screen. In a very real sense, we pull back the curtain, allowing women and men to see that there is another person in the room — a person too small to have a voice but loudly speaking of God’s design, His image, and His plan.

“I thought I was doing the right thing, researching abortion and getting all the facts,” Diane shared with us. “But what I quickly realized was that I couldn’t reconcile having an abortion with being obedient to God. I prayed about it, and I felt the Lord asking me to trust Him and change my heart and my mind.”

Diane’s story is special to me because it is a story of obedience and trust. Diane knew at a deep level what God was asking her to do – but she was afraid. 

In her darker moments, when she was considering ending her pregnancy, God delivered her to Wellspring Life Ministry. Here, she found truth spoken in love, a tiny heartbeat, and a gentle reminder of her identity in Christ.

She had also found a large community of believers like you – men, women, and entire families who pray for her, love her, and support her.

When you partner with the work God is doing through this ministry, you help shine the light of hope into dark, hopeless situations.

You ensure that truth is spoken with love, that women are aware of the risks of abortion, and that they have thought through all options available to them.

You come alongside women like Diane as they see their baby for the first time in an ultrasound.

Your partnership saves lives. Please consider making a year-end gift, and join the work God is doing at Wellspring Life Ministry. Together, we will rise up, take on the task God has given us, and watch God transform our community.

In Christ,

Pamela Palumbo, CEO of Wellspring Life Ministry