Increase in Abortion Pill Reversal Calls


Increase in Abortion Pill Reversal Calls

Please join us in praying for the three women who have contacted us for our Abortion Pill Reversal services in the last few weeks. Only one of the three came in to the Pregnancy Clinic to start the reversal process, but unfortunately we have learned that she has lost the baby. Please pray that God would be working in all the hearts of these women and that they would be drawn to Him and His grace and mercy.
To learn more about our work with Abortion Pill Reversal: Click Here.
(pictured at the top of this email is a baby whose mother successfully completed the abortion pill reversal)

Volunteer Training Course: Begins, Tuesday, 6/5/18

The Volunteer Training Course is a stimulating and interactive course designed to prepare men and women to serve with the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry. Using the Bible as a guide, the Volunteer Training Course covers various counseling and communication skills as well as information on critical topics, such as abortion methods, adoption, abstinence, and sexually transmitted diseases.
How is God calling you to use the gifts He has given you to serve His kingdom?
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Mother’s Day only a month away

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to show your love and gratitude to that special woman in your life? You don’t need to know her size, favorite flower, or perfume; instead make a gift to the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry in her honor/memory that is life saving. Your gift can make it possible for others to celebrate Mother’s Day for years to come.
Click here and in the note section type “In honor of [name]” or “in memory of [name]”. If you would like us to send an acknowledgement of the gift, please provide an address as well. Contact Ellen at with any questions.