Notes #6: It takes two to tango!


By Pamela Palumbo CEO

“I’m pregnant.”

Those two words can bring a world of emotion to any young man’s mind. Elation. Excitement. Worry. Fear. Anger.

His reaction to her announcement really matters. In fact, research shows that the baby’s father has the most influence in an abortion decision – by far.

In our Pregnancy Clinics, we have specially-trained volunteers – Male Volunteer Presence (MVP), men trained to counsel these young men who come through our doors, and help them cope with the storm of emotions they may be experiencing. Here is Richard’s (one of our MVPs) account of one young man, “Jake,” and his transition from rejection to acceptance.

“God had chosen him.” Sound familiar? Maybe like another young man, some 2000 years ago, whose fiancé was unexpectedly pregnant?

Friend, while Jake and Joseph’s stories aren’t completely identical, the emotions felt by these young men probably are: consternation, disappointment, embarrassment. It’s possible that Joseph even felt some anger himself as he prepared to quietly divorce Mary. 

But in the end, both men stepped into the role that God had given them: father.

Every year, our MVPs minister to dozens of young men, listening to their concerns, offering words of hope and encouragement, and challenging them with some tough love.

When you partner with Wellspring Life Ministry, you too step into a role that God has given you: sharing the hope of Jesus with these scared young men. You build them up so they become the fathers God created them to be, and in doing so, strengthen families throughout our community. I invite you to join us in the very important work.

Please consider a gift today, and impact future generations, for this world and for eternity.

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