God has a way of taking our mistakes and redeeming them for His purposes and glory. I love this story from partner and dear friend, Karen, about how God brought healing into her life and gave her the opportunity to serve with Wellspring Life Ministry and make an impact in her community, for His glory.

It’s a horrid, legal choice.

When Karen was 16, she had an abortion – but it wasn’t until decades had passed that she took an honest look at its effects.

“In 2001, I realized how devastating my abortion was and that I couldn’t suppress it any longer,” Karen openly shares. “I started to become more aware of what abortion had done for me and was doing to society.” 

Karen decided to do something about it. She looked for a way she could volunteer and help women make a different choice. God brought her to Wellspring Life Ministry (then called the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry), where Karen found healing through the Ministry’s post-abortion Bible Study.

The grace and peace that Karen experienced as a result of the Bible study was life-changing. She was eager to find a way to serve in this Ministry and be a part of helping women choose life and find healing. A professional bookkeeper, Karen volunteered her skills and quickly became a dedicated volunteer, joyfully serving every week for 15 years as the Ministry’s bookkeeper. She and her husband also became financial partners. 

“Abortion presents a mortal and spiritual death – for the baby, the mother, and for our entire society,” Karen says. “It is a necessity to have places like Wellspring Life Ministry to help women get truth and resources.”

Karen’s goal is to support women who are facing “this horrid legal choice,” as she calls it, and this is what drives her family’s ongoing partnership with the Ministry. “I know that at Wellspring Life Ministry, the truth is told. Clients are informed. That’s what is important.”

Karen’s heart would soar to hear the words of Tamika (quoted above), who recently visited one of our Pregnancy Clinics.

Tamika was scared when she found herself pregnant and was considering an abortion. She met with a compassionate volunteer counselor, and received a free 3D/4D sonogram which clearly showed her the proof of life inside of her. Tamika drew strength from her counselor’s words and from that tiny, lively image on the ultrasound – and chose life for her preborn child. 

Every day in our clinics, counselors and staff are on the front lines of the battle for life, caring for women like Tamika and their families. With your partnership, you, too, are on the frontlines, offering words of truth and hope in the midst of a spiritual battle.

Will you join us in the fight for the lives of preborn babies and their mothers? Please consider a year-end gift today.

Merry Christmas!

Sharon Patten, Development Associate

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