By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Dear friend,

Motherhood is a special, unrivaled experience. But pregnancy and childbirth are hard. Add in illness, anxiety, fear of the future, insecure relationships, or uncertainty about motherhood – and Satan has a perfect opportunity to attack with his flaming arrows.

Check out this story about “Keisha,” one of our clients who choose life in the face of distress. 

“Keisha” had been with her boyfriend for less than a year when she found out she was pregnant. Although her boyfriend was supportive of her pregnancy, Keisha couldn’t imagine herself as a mom. Furthermore, she was experiencing terrible morning sickness and felt ill, all the time. Ultimately, Keisha thought that abortion was her best option – the sooner the better.

After a quick online search, Keisha found the Women’s Clinic and texted for a free ultrasound in preparation for her abortion. Wanting to support her, her boyfriend decided to go with her to the appointment.

Keisha gratefully shared her worries with the volunteer counselor, but was suffering from nausea to the point that she was unable to sit through the entire intake without rushing from the room. Filled with compassion, the counselor escorted Keisha to the sono room where they were joined by Keisha’s boyfriend.

The silence that filled the room was soon broken by the soft, steady heartbeat of their preborn baby. Keisha’s heart melted when she saw the little image on the sonogram. That was her baby! Despite her fears and discomfort, Keisha felt protective towards the tiny life inside her.

Two months later, Keisha’s nausea was gone and she had decided to carry. She and her boyfriend welcomed a baby girl last summer.

Friend, a mother’s love is a powerful thing.

In our three offices, we often see women in challenging situations. Motherhood is not an easy journey and Satan exploits every weakness he can find! As we saw in Keisha’s story, many of the women we serve are wounded by Satan’s lies and simply need someone to remind them of the truth: she is strong, she is capable, and she is NOT alone.

When you partner with Wellspring Life Ministry, you become that person.

Your partnership with Wellspring Life Ministry empowers women to accept that gift of selfless love that God created for mothers and embrace the tiny life within them. When this happens, women find that they are able to accomplish what seemed impossible, and love more than they ever imagined.

Take up your shield of faith! Partner with us in this incredible mission: serving women, saving babies, and sharing Jesus.

To Life!

Pamela Palumbo, CEO

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