Meet Noah


In my work here, I have been blessed to meet many partners and learn about why they have chosen to join Wellspring Life Ministry in this life-saving and life-changing mission. I know several partners who have (or know someone who has) suffered an abortion in their past. I’ve met a few who are driven by the desire to promote adoption. And I’ve met many like Noah, who simply want to share Jesus, help children, and work to make the world a better place. 

Noah admitted that his story is easy to tell. “I love children (I’m involved in children’s ministry at my church and elsewhere) and I love Jesus.”  

He was looking to increase his charitable giving on a cause he resonated with when a good friend who serves as a volunteer counselor in our Severna Park Clinic introduced him to Wellspring Life Ministry. Wellspring Life saves children and shares the gospel, so “it was a good match!” 

In the past few years, Noah has increased his understanding of the impact of abortion in our culture, and the role Wellspring Life Ministry plays in our community.  He eagerly read the client stories in our newsletters and was excited to lead a team from his church at our Walk and Run for Life.

“Many times, we complain about the ills of society but do little to actually improve the state of things,” Noah shared. 

Many times, we complain about the ills of society but do little to actually improve the state of things,” Noah shared.
“I wanted to contribute in some way to making our world a better place and supporting life. I’m happy to be a very small part of what this ministry does with some of the money God has blessed me with.”

Sharon, Noah does have a simple story: God gave him a passion to help children and share Jesus, and Noah took action on that passion by identifying a ministry (Wellspring Life) that would help him do that. 

Truth be told, His story is similar to mine, and possibly yours, too. But God multiples our simple gifts for His glory! 

One woman who was helped by Noah’s faithfulness is Julianne (quoted above). Julianne was facing pressure from her family to have an abortion and came to one of our Pregnancy Clinics for assistance. After talking with a compassionate counselor and seeing her baby on the 3D/4D ultrasound, Julianne found the help and support she needed to choose life for her baby. 

We thank God for financial partners like Noah. Each of us, with our unique stories, plays a small but vital role in caring for women like Julianne, saving precious lives, and ultimately impacting our culture with the truth of the Gospel. 

What passion has God placed in your life? Will partnering with Wellspring Life Ministry help you take action? If so, please consider a year-end gift today.

Merry Christmas!

Sharon Patten, Development Associate

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