Pregnancy Clinic CEO Named Frederick Douglass Leadership Award Recipient


Pregnancy Clinic CEO Pamela Palumbo recently was named as a recipient of the Frederick Douglass Leadership Award, created by the Douglass Leadership Institute to honor leaders who they believe best exemplify Mr. Douglass’ character and legacy of statesmanship.

In the official award letter, DLI Chairman Dean Nelson said, “We believe your work in the area of strengthening the black family by supporting and empowering parents facing unplanned pregnancies embodies what Mr. Douglass worked for throughout his life.”

Pamela said she is honored to be recognized by the DLI. “While the award is in my name, I accept it also on behalf of the Board, staff and volunteers who share in the passion to not only empower parents to choose life, but also strengthen families. Coming from the nationally known and well respected Douglass Leadership Institute, this recognition and award are a great honor.”