Note #3: Rejection stings!


By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Being pro-life can be challenging in today’s world. 

We all have coworkers, friends, even family members who have been blinded by the lies of the culture and believe that the pre-born have no rights, no status, no value, and that abortion is “health care.” Those of us who stand up for the lives of preborn babies are often vilified and mocked. Sadly this can lead to broken relationships and sometimes outright rejection.

Rejection can be painful. But as Karen, one of our staff office managers, shares in the Field Note below, God always has a plan.

God knows and understands the sting of rejection. But His love is unconditional.

We cannot know what God is doing inside the hearts of those who reject us. BUT we can be confident in His strategy!

God’s perfect plan for Haley and her baby went far beyond her initial rejection. Jesus is leading the charge, fighting for Haley and the heart every woman who comes through our doors.

Moreover – and this is amazing! – when you partner with Wellspring Life Ministry, you join Him on the frontlines. He uses you as part of His amazing plan. 

This Christmas season, you and I are celebrating the birth of a perfect baby, the Christ-child, whose very rejection and death led to our salvation. Let us joyfully and boldly press on in sharing this good news with those around us.

We hope you will consider a life-changing gift to Wellspring Life Ministry, as together we serve women, save lives and share Jesus. 

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