By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Dear friend,

In our lives, we will encounter moments when the choice we make will dictate the rest of our lives. For the women we serve, one of those moments is when they see the second line appear on their pregnancy test: Pregnant.

She has a decision to make. One that will forever change the course of her life.

Everyday in our offices in Annapolis, Bowie and Severna Park, women walk in, wounded from Satan’s “flaming arrows,” uncertain about their future.

In this 2nd Sunday of Advent, here’s a story of one woman who faced that uncertainty – and discovered joy.

Married with several young kids, Rosalie considered herself a devout Christian. Yet the positive pregnancy test threw her for a loop.

Even though money was tight, her husband was aware of the pregnancy and even supportive. But Rosalie still felt a vague sense of dread. How would they pay for another baby? Was she capable of taking on another kid? How would they make this work?? Rosalie had had an abortion before; although she was reluctant to go through that again, she knew that abortion was still an option for her.

Filled with anxiety, she texted the Women’s Clinic for an appointment to confirm her pregnancy and get a sonogram to see how far along she was. Rosalie was touched to be able to share her concerns with a counselor, discuss her options, and be reminded about the support system she had in place. She felt more and more confident in her ability to have and parent another baby.

Her confidence was confirmed during her free sonogram. “Her face just lit up,” Rosalie’s counselor shared. “The joy on her face during her sonogram was amazing. You could feel it.”

Rosalie left the clinic that day with renewed purpose, filled with joy about her pregnancy and excited to add another little one to her growing brood.

Friend, one decision can change the trajectory of our lives.

We can’t make that decision for her. Instead, we invite her under our collective shields of faith and support her in other ways. We surround her with the protection of prayer. We supply her with physical relief in the form of free services, including counseling and medical care. We arm her with truths about her own courage and strength.

God knew exactly what Rosalie needed. In the midst of her distress, He pulled together volunteers, staff, and even partners from Wellspring Life Ministry (partners like you!) who were complete strangers to her –  and built an army just for her.

In the mad rush towards Christmas, it is easy to forget the spiritual battle that rages around us. This month – today! – I encourage you to take up your shield of faith on behalf of the women around us, and become a partner with Wellspring Life Ministry.

To Life!

Pamela Palumbo, CEO

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