She Chose Life!

Caitlyn* came to see us a few weeks ago, suspecting she was pregnant but was admittedly in denial. A single mom with a toddler, Caitlyn felt overwhelmed by many circumstances in her life and wasn’t sure how she could handle another child.

A positive pregnancy test in our office confirmed Caitlyn’s suspicions, and she broke down in tears as she met with one of our counselors. During her counseling session, Caitlyn spoke about the trauma she experienced from an abortion in her past and how she had vowed to never do that again.

Caitlyn was able to talk with her counselor about the challenges in her life and the support system already in place to help her. As she was seeing her life through a new lens, Caitlyn began to make a new plan, including embracing her family’s support and accepting help from the baby’s father. She left our office with a smile on her face, clutching pictures of her baby’s ultrasound in her hand.

Join us in praising God for the opportunity to minister to this sweet young mom and see His work in her life! Will you pray for Caitlyn?

  • Pray for healing from past trauma
  • Pray Caitlyn finds strength to face the future with hope
  • Pray for her relationship with the baby’s father