Sue’s Story


Meet Sue, a volunteer counselor and partner.

Sue’s early love for babies led her into a career as a labor & delivery nurse. Losing her precious daughter before she was born gave her a new appreciation for the fragility of life for the unborn and reinforced how precious each life is and who the Designer is. Now the grateful mother of 4 and grandmother to 3 grandsons,  Sue’s passion for helping moms and babies is one of her life’s missions.

“In 2012, I decided to put my heart into action,” Sue shared with us. She signed up for the Volunteer Training Course offered by Wellspring Life Ministry (at that time, called the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry), and after completing training and internship, joined our team of counselors. 

“As I’ve served with this Ministry for the past nine years,” Sue says, “I have met with young women, older women, women from many different countries, women with very difficult histories, women who are joyful about their babies – and women who are not. Each one is met with compassion and offered the love of Jesus.

“She says that this is why she and her husband Tom partner with Wellspring Life Ministry.

“We love knowing that our gifts are making an impact right here, with local moms and dads, building and strengthening families in our own neighborhood. But more importantly, we desire that these women are met with the love of their Heavenly Father.

“What an investment – with an impact for eternity!

The work done every day in this Ministry – serving women, saving lives, and sharing Jesus – can be difficult, sometimes heartbreaking, but always life-changing. 

It takes all of us – His body of believers – to meet the needs of women at risk of abortion and provide totally free, compassionate care and the opportunity to hear the life-changing truth of the Gospel. When you partner with us, you too can help to bring hope and life to our community – one changed life at a time.

This year, we hope you will prayerfully consider putting your heart into action and make a gift to Wellspring Life Ministry. Together, we will Rise Up for Life!

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