Table Host

Is God Calling You?

If you are considering serving as a Table Host for the upcoming Banquet, this video is the place to start.

When you’re ready to get started, Reach out to Sharon.

Table Hosting Documents and Downloads:

Table Host FAQs Sheet

Additional Documents

Role Plays and Conversation Scenarios

Underwriting Information:

Our Banquets are underwritten by Ministry partners who see this event as an opportunity to invest in the future of Wellspring Life Ministry. Banquets bring us new partners and volunteers, and build new church relationships. Underwriting is a way for partners to make it possible for others to come and get involved in our life-saving mission.

To be clear: Table Hosts are not expected to underwrite in order to host a table. However, if you feel God is leading you to support the Banquet in this way – or you know someone who might be interested – you can find more information here.