Teresa’s Calling


In the last few weeks, I have been privileged to ask some of our partners a specific question: Why do you support the work of Wellspring Life Ministry?

Though their answers are as unique as the community we serve, two themes are common to all:

Love for Jesus, and Love for our Neighbor.

I am blessed to be a small part of this committed group of people, seeking to put God’s love into action. Let me introduce you to one of these dedicated partners.

Meet Teresa.

Teresa’s heart aches for women who are confused and afraid because of an unintended pregnancy.

Why? “Because I could have been your client.”

Forty-three years ago, when she was 15, Teresa discovered she was pregnant. “I was asking the same questions [Wellspring Life Ministry] clients today are asking. How did this happen? I am still in high school. What am I supposed to do now? I am not ready to be a parent.” 

She turned to her boyfriend’s sister, who told her about this new thing: abortion. No one discussed other options or educated her – so she aborted her baby.

Today, Teresa boldly shares her life story about abortion, adoption, parenting, and how God ultimately used Wellspring Life Ministry to bring healing into her life. She even wrote a book about her experience (“Chasing Easy in a Life of Hard Choices; Failed Marriages, Unplanned Pregnancies and the God Who Restores”).

She credits Wellspring Life Ministry with helping her discover her true passion: to reach out to the women like her, to educate and equip them to make a decision based on facts and not on feelings – and all the while planting the seeds of life for Christ to water and grow according to His plan.

She says it is the call of her life.

“Wellspring Life Ministry is critical to our community,” Teresa shared. “The women and men that are involved in the ministry have an incredible heart for the lost…. They are not doing it for their own glory – they are doing for their Creator.”

Teresa’s passion is for young women to have the education they need to make a decision they can live with. Her partnership with Wellspring Life Ministry ensures that this happens – every single day. 

Because of Teresa, and partners like her, ministry volunteers are prepared to teach and equip these women and men. Since Teresa began partnering with us in 2016, more than 4,600 women have been cared for by this Ministry. Preborn babies have been saved, hearts have been healed from past abortions, and families have been strengthened through education, resources, and support. And most importantly, the lost and hurting have been rescued by the power of the Gospel.

To turn back the rising tide of abortion in our country, it will take all of us standing boldly for life so that others may know the truth. 

Will you rise up and stand with us? Please consider a year-end gift today.

Merry Christmas!

Sharon Patten, Development Associate

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