Torrey and Joanna


This month, we have shared stories of a few members of the Wellspring Life family, and how their partnership with this Ministry has helped them to accomplish God-given desires. It has been enjoyable for us to trip down memory lane with some dear friends and to connect their partnership with some of the clients who were touched by it. We are deeply grateful for each and every one of you as we work together to Serve Women, Save Lives, and Share Jesus in our community.

“We know that God values ALL human life.”

Torrey and Joanna are a homeschooling family with four wonderful children. They both grew up in Christian homes, were taught about the importance of life since they were young, and have carried that teaching through to their own children.

But a few years ago, the issue became personal for them.

“One of our close friends lost her baby to preeclampsia,” Joanna shared. Because their friend’s body was literally shutting down, the couple made the heart-wrenching decision to deliver their perfect, 19-week old baby. She and her husband pleaded, but because the baby was so little, the hospital would not fight to save her.

Heartbroken at the tragedy, Torrey and Joanna felt called to help other moms and babies in crisis. They even joined their friend on a few Walks to support the Preeclampsia Foundation, a secular organization. But they felt limited because they couldn’t share their faith.

Around that time, they heard about the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry’s Walk and Run for Life (now Wellspring Life Ministry). After attending the event and researching the Ministry, Torrey and Joanna became partners.

“We were excited that we had finally found a ministry that truly supported life and provided loving and caring biblical support for those going through extremely difficult situations,” Joanna shared.

“Wellspring Life Ministry provides bible-based counseling as well as tangible help such as ultrasounds and diapers. Their love and care for life extend beyond the unborn baby to the mother and father and family as well.”

Since then, Torrey and Joanna have continued to support Wellspring Life Ministry, especially in the annual Walk and Run for Life each year. They even helped start their own church team and have been Church Captains for the last 2 years.

“Our partnership with Wellspring Life Ministry has given us a way to help families, moms, and babies that we may never have encountered on our own. It is a blessing knowing there is a ministry right here that we can trust and can send people to for help or to get involved in!”

I love how God led Torrey and Joanna to fulfill one of the desires of their hearts: “help hurting moms and families in a loving and godly way.”

One of the women they helped is “Trisha” (quoted above), who was facing a crisis due to her unplanned pregnancy. Trisha was scared, alone, and strongly considering abortion for her baby – but then God brought her to Wellspring Life Ministry. Here, she found the support and encouragement to choose life for her daughter. 

As we draw close to the end of yet another year, please prayerfully consider joining Torrey, Joanna, and so many others in the work God is doing through Wellspring Life Ministry by becoming a financial partner

Happy New Year,

Angela Murray, Director of Outreach and Volunteers

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