Announcing Women’s Clinics


By Pamela Palumbo CEO

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Recently, the Ministry’s Board of Directors approved a renaming our 3 clinic locations from Pregnancy Clinics to Women’s Clinics.

Our locations will now be known as:

Annapolis Women’s Clinic
Bowie Crofton Women’s Clinic
Severna Park Women’s Clinic

This is the last step in Ministry’s Strategic Plan which was put into place in January, 2020 to better reach and meet the needs of the women we see today.   

What this means:

This change is for our clients, and affects any client-facing marketing. Our client website,, will change to, and we will also update our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and all client-related marketing materials. 

This will not affect our partner website (, or any partner-focused communications, including our partner Facebook page. Wellspring Life Ministry is still the name of our ministry and oversees the various programs, as in the following pictograph:

Some reasons why:

Our name change was undertaken with much thought and prayer.

When we began in 1982, we only offered services directly related to pregnancy. Today – as you can see in the graph above – that is no longer the case. We want a name that will reflect our current holistic range of services, including our newest, Thriving Women Wellness Care.

Serving abortion-minded pregnant women is and will always be our primary mission field. However, in today’s culture, when possible clients read ‘Pregnancy’ in our name, it can appear that “pregnancy” is we care about – which isn’t true. We provide education, material aid, and medical care. Our new name reflects our broader range of services. Plus, right now especially, “pregnancy” is a hot button word and not necessarily in a good way.

Additionally, national studies from groups such as Vitae Foundation have shown an improved positive response from Abortion Minded Women to names without ‘pregnancy’ in them –  because our pregnant at-risk clients do not want to be pregnant.

The board discussed this as part of our strategic plan in Jan 2020 as we discussed about expanding services to women. We have now rolled out our expanded services (Thriving Women Wellness Care) and have seen immediate positive responses not only from women, but also local organizations who are able to refer women to us. This is especially important as we continue to battle against the Left who control Google and social media.


We want you and our other major stakeholders in Wellspring Life Ministry to understand these upcoming changes, and have an opportunity to ask questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for clarification.

We are so excited to move into this new stage of ministry! Thank you for your faithful, ongoing partnership. This support makes it possible that last year alone, 253 women changed their mind from abortion and we were able to share the Gospel 465 times!

Together, we will:

Serve Women, Save Lives, & Share Jesus