By Pamela Palumbo, CEO

Dear friend,

We all know that life rarely goes as we have planned. Unexpected trials can completely change the direction in which we thought our lives were heading. In 1 Corinthians, we are reminded that “in this world you will have trouble. But take heart! [Jesus has] overcome the world.” Satan so easily exploits these trials in order to lead us into darkness and hopelessness.

Here is the story of how one woman faced an unexpected pregnancy – and found joy in the midst of her trials. 

“Zoe” was completely devastated to learn that she was pregnant with her fourth child. With three children at home, the youngest still in diapers, Zoe was already feeling overwhelmed. She could not imagine another child to feed, clothe, and care for. Although her children’s father was involved, he often worked long hours and shift work in order to provide for the family.  Zoe knew that the pressure of another child would add to his stress as well. Filled with anxiety, she felt completely unable to cope.

Zoe found herself contemplating what she had always considered unthinkable: an abortion seemed like the only answer.

Zoe knew of the Women’s Clinics from a friend. She knew that she could get a pregnancy test and the information she needed, all for free. During her appointment, she was able to speak with two counselors who listened to her fears and concerns without judgement. Zoe realized she did not have to rush into making a decision and accepted their offer of an ultrasound.

Armed with the compassionate support and prayers of her counselors, Zoe turned to see her child’s image on the screen. She realized that an abortion was not the answer, regardless of what circumstances she was facing. The sight of her baby’s tiny beating heart gave her the courage to choose life.

Zoe continued to reach out for advice and resource suggestions throughout her pregnancy. She took several of our Lifesense classes to help prepare for her baby, and gratefully received a baby shower in a bag.

When her daughter was born, she named her for what she had received from Wellspring. In English, the baby’s name translates to Victory Hope!

Victory Hope – what a strong, beautiful name!

Friend, God perfectly positioned Wellspring Life Ministry to reach Zoe in the midst of her crisis. Your fervent prayers and financial support, and the caring commitment of Ministry counselors and staff, gave Zoe the courage to persevere through her trials and embrace the victory and joy found in following God’s plan for our lives.

Your partnership made Zoe’s victory possible and helped to save the life of her precious baby girl. With your partnership, you offer that gift to other women in our community.

This Ministry exists to shield women like Zoe who need a place of respite from the attacks of the enemy, a place to hear the truth spoken in love and to hear about the One who IS love.

We hope you will prayerfully consider your life-changing and life-saving gift. To Life!

Pamela Palumbo, CEO

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