Hello? Is God calling you?


By Chris O’Donnell, Office Manager

What does it take to help people? Does it take a degree in psychology? Do you need a piece of paper from an institution saying you’re “certified” or “licensed?”

Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t require those things when He calls us to join Him in His work. All believers should play an active part in His redemptive work. Before he was taken up into glory, Jesus’ last command was to His disciples was to “Go and make disciples of all Nations.”

What a high and holy calling we have! We are privileged to minister to a broken world that desperately needs hope – a world that desperately needs Jesus!

And while a degree isn’t required to minister to women here at Wellspring Life Ministry, going through our 10-week training course is. This course is packed full of excellent tools to better equip you to care for women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. In fact, many of the skills you learn in this course will help you in all areas of your life – whether you decide to volunteer at the Pregnancy Clinic or not. 

You can learn more about this course and even sign up here.

Questions? Reach out to Angela.