Fieldnotes Compilation


Notes from the Field!

Note #1: Two Heartbeats?

Posted 12-1-2022

by Jenn W.

Note #2: When a wedding ring didn’t matter

Posted 12-4-2022

by Katie E.

Note #3: Rejection Stings!

Posted 12-10-2022

by Karen

Note #4: From inside the battle

Posted 12-14-2022

by Corrie

Note #5: A story of three mothers

Posted 12-18-2022

by Veronica

Note #6: It takes two to tango!

Posted 12-21-2022

by Richard

Note #7: Bound for death

Posted 12-29-2022

by Pamela

Note #8: From a veteran

Posted 12-30-2022

by Angela